Prophetess & Pastor Talabi

The vision of Chapel of Praise is to help people find and fulfill their created purpose in Christ. Our heart is that Chapel of Praise will be a place where everyone can discover Christ and His plan for their life.

Who we are

Christ Healing Evangelical Church (USA) Inc, a non – profit religious church organization was founded on the 15th of February 1993 and was incorporated by April 15th 2003. The church was an evolution of what started as a house fellowship meeting in the rented apartment of Pastor Talabi at 5817 N. Kenmore Avenue on the North Side of the city of Chicago to encourage and strengthen fellow African and friends from different backgrounds. According to the direction and the leading of the Holy Spirit, and the leadership of Pastor Adegboyega A. Talabi, the fellowship gathered momentum with increased attendance of people of different background, and a Vision was born.

There was a spiritual yearning and the need for identity among those that were present then as the number of families grew to 15 within one month. Having received strong commitment from the people, Pastor Adegboyega A. Talabi, then organize the members who will constitute original incorporators of Christ Healing Evangelical Church (USA Inc.) in 1993.

The Church continues to grow by lips and bumps, and begins to enjoy tremendous growth in the years following. 

As the membership begins to grow, the church moved from the apartment into a storefront on 2422 W. Schubert Avenue on near north side of Chicago, and there it continue to enjoy great success.

After its 10th year anniversary in 2003, the church has grown to membership in access of 200 active members including children. Therefore, there was a need for an expanded role of the church to care for the spiritual well been of membership through Christian worship, discipleship, and outreach. This necessitates a need for bigger facility, and so the church leased another facility at 2324 W. Nelson Street Chicago.

In 2002, with the collaboration of the Church leadership, and the entire members, Pastor Talabi and his wife through the leading of the Holy Spirit led the church to acquire an 8.74 Acres of Land in South Holland Illinois. Thereafter, through the commitment of its members, and the community at large that made financial sacrifice toward the construction, the Phase I of Chapel of Praise was completed and dedicated to the glory of God on June 20th, 2008.

Pastor Adegboyega Talabi

Senior Pastor

Prophetess Mabel Talabi